Hi, fluff-lovers! My name is Lisa and I’m a proud self-educated owner of several adorable chinchillas.

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    1. Hi Tabitha! I got my pets from several breeders in the New York and New Jersey area, as well as one from a pet store. In my experience, quality of chinchillas can be mixed, despite their origins, whether they’ve placed in shows, etc. My pet store chinchilla has had no problems, in great health; in contrary, some of my breeder chins have had minor issues; other breeder chinchillas have been pristine and beyond fantastic. It’s a mixed bag, and very little can be promised about genetic aberrations. It’s also very difficult to tell of any genetic dental problems until around 3-4 years of age, and full disclosure between breeders and buyers remain optimistic but not guaranteed. Oftentimes, the best thing to do is buy the one you love and care for him or her the very best you can. Since I have no plans to breed, I am happy with all the kids as they are – very healthy and happy! πŸ™‚

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  1. do you have any recommendation of where is the best place to buy cages? i bought my last critter nation cate on AMAZON


  2. I see that you have 5 chins, I have one male that I’ve had for 3yrs now. I was thinking of a playmate for him. What are your recommendations on housing and gender of the furry friends?


    1. Aww! Does your chinchilla seem content? I often hear of owners that want to get a playmate or cagemate for their chins thinking that they’re lonely or could use some company – unfortunately, often this is not the case. I would suggest that if you want another chinchilla, you should be fully prepared for them not getting along, as chinchillas can be territorial and fight to the death, even with proper introductions. If you would like to try to get him a friend, I would suggest another male similar in age and another full cage just in case they don’t get along. Placing an unneutered male with a female will only lead to baby chinchillas, which requires 24 hour surveillance and care if something goes wrong at birth. I hope this helps! Remember: if you’d like another chinchilla, do it because you have the means and the time to care for him, NOT because of any assumption that your chinchilla needs (or even wants) a playmate. πŸ™‚


  3. hello! I am getting my first chinchilla on Saturday the 6th. A pink white from a breeder/rescuer. I am so beyond excited and am trying to get all the information right so I can have a happy, healthy chinchilla! Your pictures are absolutely amazing! Will be fallowing!!


  4. Hello, I subscribe to both your YouTube channels and was wondering if you could do tours of each cage?!?! Also, if you could tell us where you get all your items that would be awesome! Thanks! =)


    1. That’s a great idea – I’ll work on cage tours on the NYChinchillas YouTube page. Also, most of the items are handmade with kiln-dried pine from Home Depot. It’s most convenient to purchase unmade goodies yourself and build them to your fluff’s specifications πŸ™‚


  5. Hi LY!

    I adore your website and precious bubs. I especially love the patience and care you put into building your cages. I have a question regarding my 18 month old ebony – ever since we got back from our 5 week vacay, she has been very hostile and unfriendly. We were very close before. She stayed at a pet boarding place while we were away. Could we take this topic offline so you can advise me further?

    Thanks so much,


    1. Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

      Chinchillas have very long memories, and also can have difficult times during transitions or new environments. My feeling is that she had a tough time during the boarding and is having a difficult time transitioning back into her home. The best suggestion I have is to treat her as if you just got her again – and repeat the process of gaining her trust. I have had this issue after only a few days of being away, but I have never been away for 5 weeks at a time. Be patient, the hostility will pass. Just be sure to spend as much time as you can around her cage or bonding with her.

      Any other questions – feel free to email me at LYChinchillas@gmail.com!


  6. Hi! I have 2 chinchillas and recently purchased Living World toys for them to engage their minds. I do these about 3 times a week so I’m trying to find the safest treats to use in the games. It sounds like my best bet for the majority of it is the pieces of shredded wheat or cheerios?



    1. Dear Patty,

      Thank you for stopping by and sorry for the late response! The very best toys would be chew toys, such as organic and safely dried woods (my chins LOVE apple wood!) but as for a weekly safe treat, I’d go with one half of an unsweetened piece of mini shredded wheat. Cheerios are OK too since they are small, but they do have some additives that I would caution against. I hope this helps! ❀


      1. No problem, thanks! I do give them wood sticks to chew all the time. I did buy the unsweetened shredded wheat and have been giving them that.


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